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As light as a leaf, Biofoil is taking its first baby leaps. This lighthearted young fella goes where the wind blows and loves frolicking in the sun.


Biobug grows to be more independent and learns to venture further away. It follows and mimics different types of insects - especially grasshoppers and praying mantes - to learn to feed and find the best spots in the sun to play and store energy.


Being always out in nature, Biomex grows to be a peaceful Energeenie. It spends hours on end in green areas basking in sunlight, feeling fresh air on its skin and taking in the multitude of sounds in nature. It simply closes its eyes and stands still. And this goes on until its eyes become weaker and its sensitivity and echolocation sharper.


Biocut’s eyes are permanently closed. Now, it relies entirely on sensitivity and echolocation. It continues to imitate scythed insects, and eventually, it grows its own scythes. Despite its overall peaceful nature, it is quick to draw its blades when threatened.


Bionat is a Biomass Energeenie in full bloom. It is confident in its own sensorial and echolocation abilities. Its dexterity with its bladed appendages means it can go from an entirely calm state to slashing fury in an instant. Now, having reached full maturity, it learns its last life lesson - how to reproduce by harnessing sun energy stored in dead organic matter.


Solario - the baby Solar Energeenie - is unique in that it's a sun star. Hyperactive and bubbly during the day, it quietens down at night. And it can usually be found coddling itself to sleep as it gazes at the stars in the sky and sings.


Solario grows into Sochick and becomes fascinated with birds. It sprouts its own set of wings but it's too early to fly. But this does not quell its curiosity in birds. Being so energetic and playful during the day, it mingles a lot with groups of young fowl.


Sohen slowly starts to develop its flight capabilities. Also, while foraging in the soil, it quickly discovers a rare ability of its own – it absorbs solar energy stored in the soil. This charges its solar nucleus heart and allows Sohen to retain energy longer at night and even fly.


Phanix has fully developed its ability to fly. It also grows fast strong legs with talons. Besides being able to harness solar energy from the soil, it quickly learns that reflective surfaces like water bodies, glass granules in sand, crystalline surfaces can all be used to charge itself, even when at a distance.


Phenolia enhances its previous abilities but also grows very particular plumage. Every feather contains the energy of a star. It charges up with solar energy and focuses it in its attacks. And just like a peacock, Phenolia displays its pride in airborne dances. Onlookers find these as fascinating as its opponents find them intimidating.


Mizuku landed in water one cold winter. Strong underwater currents tossed it to and fro. It started to form a body from it - first aqueous and then a crystalline shell-like hard ice. Then, when exposed to scorching sunlight and drought, it quickly realised that water was a nurturing source. That’s why MIzuku is usually found in large bodies of water or frolicking in stormy weather.


While being carried by waves and underwater currents, this Energeenie sees water snakes. It quickly realises that such bodies as theirs are the most ergonomical for traveling in water. It takes their form and, as it travels faster through water, it gathers more energy from it. This is how Suijakko is born.


As Suijiri makes its body softer and more fluid, it learns to slither on the ground. And during its travels, it reaches a huge waterfall, with paintings of a dragon on the rock behind it. It makes the association between powerful flowing water and this mythical beast.


Hydrila grows sharp diamond-like fangs to use in combat. Its powerful body can move comfortably in water, and it can create powerful water currents. One particular trait it develops is the ability to shed its own crystalline skin. This dissolve animated liquified crystals that seek out the closest bodies of water and directs Hydrila to them.


Hydraco grows to be as great as a mythical dragon with great physical strength and special abilities. Just like water, it can be playful and serene one minute, only to become violent and destructive the next. One new powerful ability it acquires is to use the gravitational pull of the moon that causes rising tides to harness immense power to launch attacks.


Aria is born from strong jet streams. As the little one takes shape, it rides the winds at high velocities that mould its breezy and rebellious personality. During these airborn journeys, Arias mingle with each other as they are highly sociable. Hence, the saying; "Arias of the same feather flock together."


The first Cosair becomes the alpha of that flock. It develops a special ability - sensitivity in its wings that can gauge the level of air purity. This allows it to follow streams of cleaner air to areas where the flock can perch and restore energy. All other flock members eventually follow in the wing flaps of the alpha Cosair


Die Ökostromtarife von Grünwelt Energie konnten in der DISQ-Stromanbieterstudie 2020 überzeugen - das Ergebnis: Eine Platzierung unter den ersten 3 Anbietern in der Teilkategorie "Konditionen" mit der Auszeichnung "Top Konditionen".


Caelia is combat-prone thanks to wings laced with razorblade feathers. When it replenishes its energy, this gives it a boost of vigour and it spends that energy performing aerial stunts while shooting blades at targets below for practice.


When preparing for battle, Caelious issues a challenge to its opponent by performing a midair dance. Then, it shoots sharp daggers at its opponent. If the opponent is not intimidated into retreating, the fight is on. The dance is usually continued on the ground as they stand off. This is both a war dance and a fluid fight stance.


Heatox got its name from bathing in underground magma and drawing energy from it. Later, it got curious to explore the earth, so it rose to the surface. On its way up, it brushed with different types of rock, forming layers of rock skin. This allows it to conserve the intense heat core it holds inside.


Scub is born in the wilderness. It observes the life of wild animals like wolves and foxes and copies their cubs' body shape. It also grows fascinated by how they gather in packs and how they care for one another, which explains why it copies this behaviour.


Cublare quickly grows to be mischievous and adventurous. Its new diamond-hard horn is an object of wonder. It trains for battle by charging anything big standing in its path. But its combat strategy relies on deception as much as on frontal attacks. Cublare whips its smoky tail forward to create a smoke screen.


Geofox's develops its ability to manipulate geothermal energy at its own will. It can detect geysers and volcanically active hotspots, even at hundreds of metres below the surface. When that happens, it draws energy from them, causing magma to rise to the surface of the earth or hot water springs to burst suddenly.


Fotrex has perfected its ability to control heat energy in the earth thanks to its wing-like ears. These sensors can pick up heat levels in anything from a long distance. Then, it siphons heat and transfer it either to its body or, in moments of kindness, to other beings in need. it is said that as a Fortrex approaches, you will intuitively know if it likes you judging by how warm or cold you feel.


Glace was first spotted in the Antarctic and Arctic Oceans after methane trapped under ice exploded right at the time it landed on earth. The sudden combination of extreme cold and heat gave birth to it. This burning snowflake lookalike has been mistaken for a ghost many times. It uses this as a first line of defence to intimidate unknowing threats.


Cublice has strong sensitivity to heat and cold. Once, while going up a mountain, it came across a stranded lion cub in search of its mother. The Energeenie was curious. It approached and the little lion snarled at it. The Energeenie lit up and, after convincing the cub that it was no threat, used its heat sensitivity to track down its mother. The Energeenie was so fascinated by the little cub's courage that it adopted it as well as its form.


Pice looks like a lion cub with a mane laced with icy crystals. It believes the sun is the biggest ball of energy travelling between the sky - a gaseous crystal – and the sea – a liquid crystal. As the sun sets, Pice dives into the water to look for it. Instead, it finds methane contained inside icy crystals. It believes that these are sun fragments. This way, it learns how to harness energy as well as how to swim.


Once the FireIce Energeenie grows into Lionice, it acquires feline agility. Another remarkable change is its tail and bristles on its back made of an exceptionally durable crystal. When replenishing energy, it stores some of it in these shards, making them more powerful and adding an explosive edge to them when contacting opponents. With these new traits, its daily play changes into play-fighting for honing its own abilities in battle.


Uyandina’s hard crystal mane and long, jagged tail are trademark features. The powerful tail can destroy things much bigger than Uyandina with a single whip. When fully charged with energy, the mane and tail display a fiery glow inside. This makes for an intimidating appearance.


On its way down to Earth, Dobucchi bounces off a star and gathers star dust. As it continues to fall at high speed, this has a bizarre effect. It generates a lot of energy and the Energeenie develops two separate consciousnesses. Therefore, Dobucchi is the only Energeenie that's two distinct beings in one body.


Cohabiting is no easy job - even more so when in the same body! The two clash very often. One day, while fighting by the water, they fall in. As they pull themselves out, they observe a tiger standing on the shore, trying to catch a large fish. Instead of swimming away, the fish stays on to tease the tiger. The Energeenie sees a lot in common with it-selves and is inspired to evolve into Caish - half cat, half fish.


The arguments between Cadphix’s two sides just get worse. Even during battle, Cadphix's two minds disagree on fighting strategies. And yet, this just works out wonderfully! Every hurdle is an opportunity to grow. As Cadphix’s two sides argue, this results in goofy yet powerful moves, such as a quick spin with fishtail whip, or Cadphix stumbling forward into a rolling movement. Cadphix is truly a case of love-hate relationship!


Figar marks a turning point in this Energeenie's life. The two sides accept each other's differences and come to live with them. While disagreements continue to happen, every time the two sides put their minds together, Figar harnesses great power. With this realisation, it learns new ways to absorb energy and use it effectively in battle.


Rigion can be very unstable, causing two strong opposing forces to clash. But when in control, Rigion has potential to be one of the most powerful Energeenies. It matures to the reproductive stage and realizes that it thrives in extreme pressure and heat, making it resistant to a wide range of environmental conditions.


Pebel crash-lands on earth at nighttime. It bounces off the ground a few times and flies into an underground cave. It decides to explore, but instead of heading for the entrance, it goes deeper underground. It comes to believe that it's normal for the world to always be dark. It makes friends with shadows on the walls. Coal becomes its main source of energy.


Coalie grows two radar-like ears that are overly sensitive to sounds and change in air pressure. It relies on these more than on its eyesight. These radars become so sharp that they start to pick up vibrations, not only from living organisms, but also from buried organic matter transformed into coal. This high sensitivity and Coalie's love of the dark become the basis of its shy and sensitive nature.


While this Energeenie was underground, it met a mouse. They had a lot in common – both were quiet, shy, and loved living in dark solitary places. Inspired by the mouse, the Energeenie becomes Robble. The mouse goes out at night to search for food and the Energeenie follows it. The mouse is not afraid of the Energeenie. It helps the mouse by using its hypersensitive ears to find sources of food.


While travelling by a lake, the Energeenie noticed a wading black swan. The Energeenie was dazzled. The bird flew away, but the Energeenie could not stop thinking about it. It felt frustrated that it could not evolve into a swan instead of a mouse. So, as it evolves into Coalita, it becomes graceful and elegant. It also learns to hum a beautiful song that sends vibrations through the ground to find energy sources.


Fahma is mature enough to reproduce. It is known to be shy but crafty and witty. And while it’s stuck with its mouse-like form, it never loses its wish to become a black swan. This affects Fahma's moods which can swing from shy and gracious to violent and furious in an instant. When angry, its tail lashes destructively. No matter how docile Fahma looks, never underestimate it in battle.


Oille fell into an oil reserve when it arrived on earth. While floating around, it came to recognise it as a powerful source of energy. However, having remained afloat in oil for so long, it could not form a solid body. It simply remained a fluid blob. After some time, it wanted to travel to see the rest of the world. Despite its limited ability to move, it found ways such as floating in water or seeping through openings in the ground.


This Energeenie was floating in a swamp, when it spotted a crocodile and was impressed by its agility, its strength and hunting abilities. After its encounter with the crocodile, it observed other reptiles. Then, one day, as it was following an underground stream of oil, it found the remains of a dinosaur and figured that dinosaurs were the original reptiles. Totally inspired, it evolved into Ollioid.


Oiland’s survival and hunting abilities are unmatched. These include its ability to transition between land and water, its fluid body and earthen colours that allow it to hide, and its ability to detect fossil fuels. Oiland's becomes sly and stealthy just like an efficient predator.


Olidile looks like a crocodile. It is a dangerous predator that sneaks up to targets and catches them unaware, forcing them into battle. It feeds on organic fuel and lives in highly polluted areas. It wants to become king of Energeenies at all costs. The word that characterises Olidile the best is "greed".


The more fossil fuel Oligator syphons, the more its body learns to recognise which organic matter the fuel came from. This gives it a particularly good understanding of the earth and its ecology. Its greatest discovery is when it learns about the first king predator - the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Oligator is curious about this dinosaur's life and ways, and it feels that it reflects its own. So much so that it truly resembles a T-Rex.


As Gasio was shooting down to earth, it experienced different gases in the atmosphere. As it landed, it journeyed until it settled in a large natural gas reserve. While frolicking in the gases, a spark exploded into a roaring flame. A cinder flew in the Energeenie's direction and lit a small flame on its side that hardened into a strange crystal. The Energeenie thought it was cool and decided to learn to control this great power. This is the story of Gasio.


The Energeenie searches for natural gas by using its flame crystal as a beacon. It realises that urban areas are close sources, but its first attempt to visit a city fails. Being crowd shy and solitary, the large numbers of people scare it away. It retreats to a woods nearby, where it meets wolves. At night, it joins them as they sneak into the city to scavenge for food. The Energeenie is inspired to mimic a wolf cub and Cubsio is born.


Shizia looks like a wolf cub with flaming fur. The few times it is spotted in the city, it creates a stir and people follow it around. But its timid nature makes it hard to catch. It prefers living with wolves and entertaining them with fiery tricks. When caught, it warms up to people if treated with care. The only problem is that its fiery abilities are still volatile, and so is its mood. There have been cases of accidents...


Shizulio has a very acute sense of smell. It can distinguish between types of gas odours from far away. It learns how to fight from the wolves, while teaching itself special fire and gas skills. The fiery crystal previously hanging at its side, has now spread around its body as a special type of fur. A close look reveals a faint flaming shimmer inside. But it is rare to get such a chance as Shizulio doesn't let anyone close.


Shizuna’s peculiarities include a mane and tail that change colour to indicate its mood and energy level as well as astonishing agility. But nothing is more peculiar than the stories about it. People who chase it into the forest claim to feel dizzy and see ghosts. By the time pursuers come to, both the ghosts and Shizuna are gone. Nobody knows if this is because Shizuna emits a hypnotic gas or because it is a forest spirit.


Radia takes shape when exposed to high levels of nuclear radiation. It contains highly concentrated and very volatile energy, also causing its unstable and erratic behaviour. The pair of rings circling are limiters of sorts, but their slow spinning has a hypnotic effect. There are reported cases of living creatures getting in close to see the rings. Radia interpreted this as a threat and havoc followed…


Deeria was born after witnessing a beautiful deer standing under a cherry blossom tree in spring. Not understanding that the two living things were separate, this became the basis of its first evolution - a young fawn with pink-tinted horns. Its misinterpretation of reality has a very bizarre effect. Everything that meets its energy aura for long enough mutates or combines with something else to create a monstrosity.


Forista’s life is solitary. Living creatures never dare approach it as they fear being irradiated. One day, it sees its own reflection in a lake and is pleased. It sees this as its only companion. It tries to touch the image but loses its balance and falls into the water. The reflection vanishes and Forista's heart sinks. That is when it decides to find a way to reproduce itself and form a herd.


Raibuc lives in a herd. The original Raibuc - the one with longest horns and the brightest rings - is the alpha. Even though Raibuc’s no longer alone, it is resentful of all other living creatures for leaving it alone when younger. Raibuc's even more erratic and destructive than ever. And now that there is a herd of them, there’s no limit to their destructive force.


Raideer’s huge antlers on its head, inspired by the cherry blossom tree branches, stand for the opposite of the Tree of Life - the Tree of Destruction. Raideer can charge them with huge amounts of nuclear energy to launch devastating attacks. Since it is unpredictable and proud, it does not hesitate to attack anything. Its beauty and elegance on one hand and its destructive behaviour on the other make many wonder if it’s a chaos spirit.